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A History and

A History and

Our History

Part of a whole

We are part of the IMA Group, an international group based in France which has been a leader for 40 years in the roadside, medical and home assistance sector.

IMA has been around since 1981, created by French mutual insurance companies looking to outsource and professionalise their assistance. The human aspect is one of the cornerstones of what we do. Another of our cornerstones is innovation. Being part of the IMA Group enables our subsidiary to be the group’s innovation ambassador to meet your local needs.

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Chosen values

These were chosen by a team of IMA Group employees and are the basis for actions within the group and its subsidiaries.

  • Dynamism Dynamism
    Being dynamic means displaying energy and making concrete projects from work propositions with enthousiasm, goodwill and efficiency.
  • Boldness Boldness
    Being bold means wanting to push the boundaries (commercial, technical, managerial, geographical, etc.) and daring to act in new ways. It’s allowing yourself to think differently and experiment.
  • Trust Trust
    Having trust, means being able to count on one another, show respect and consider others. It also means inspiring confidence through the quality of your commitment
  • Cooperation Cooperation
    Cooperating is promoting solidarity and the community. It's going beyond your individual interests to benefit the group.

Our mission

Reassuring and organising solutions

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A positive experience in a complex situation. Our assistance advisors are committed: empathy, understanding of the situation, reassurance, and goodwill in organising solutions. Everything to reassure and make customers comfortable.

Values, for whom?

Our values have been developed for 30 years and are the basis of our relationships with our shareholders. They also meet our clients' needs and commit us to provide even better care to our beneficiaries and service providers in our day-to-day missions.

Des valeurs

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