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A comprehensive range of services

Mobility, Home, Wellness, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure our beneficiaries’ well-being and satisfaction, all year round, day and night.

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  • Mobilité sécuriséeMobility
  • HabitatHome
  • Santé bien-vivreWellness
assistance officers

An high-performance organisation focussed on the human dimension

IMA teams are at your customers’ side. Helping, reinsuring and giving advice, it is our pledge.

Assistance experts from IMA Benelux, all multilinguals, are 24/7 responsive to your customers and set up the most adapted solutions to the problems they are facing. This at your earliest convenience, everywhere in the world.

  • + 5,600


  • + 1,000

    assistance coordinators

IT tools

Performance-enhancing systems and data

This includes setting up digital flows to our clients for integration into their value chain, using standard or custom systems and simplifying the customer experience (apps, extranet…), providing comprehensive, transparent and customisable reporting... All of this in a logic of maintaining profitability and keeping costs under control, benefitting from the economies of scale inherent to our pooling model.

Interoperable IT systems that support the company’s evolving goals

Our Assistance Information System is shared by all subsidiaries (multiple regions and universes) with a new Assistance Front-Office rolled out in 2019, in addition to the recently upgraded middle/back-office systems. In addition, we select suppliers with a high level of expertise in their domain: SAP, Salesforce, Avaya, etc. Lastly, we’ve built a set of APIs for our IMA FOR DEVELOPERS portal, to facilitate the integration of our services into our shareholders’ and partners’ systems.

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