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The IMA Group Innovation Strategy

IMA Benelux’s innovation strategy is fully integrated in that of the IMA Group

Innovation and Investment
By creating a structure dedicated to experimentation and innovation, as well as a development fund, the IMA Group aims to create new business models in order to offer a simpler, optimised experience, enhanced with new services.
Data and the information system
Essential to a successful client experience, the use of data and our information system bring us into our shareholders’ and partners’ digital world to offer seamless client journeys.
le Lab IMA

The IMA L@b: touching, testing and understanding

Touching: to explore the future and identify potential uses linked to assistance and services, the l@b is open to everyone, allowing them to learn about and share future technologies and uses.

Testing: to begin to construct future innovations, the IMA Group has created an environment and a structure for rapidly creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to test products’ technical and economic relevance.

Understanding: in addition, a livingl@b open to all group employees allows testing and use of new products and services to facilitate acculturation, ideation and open-innovation.


Innovation is nourished by openness

That is why we support and nurture a whole ecosystem, to enhance our products, our services and our tools. As part of our open innovation approach, we have developed partnerships with start-ups such as Pop Valet, Ze Borne, My Jugaad and Spareka. This openness has taken on an even greater dimension with our involvement in the French AssurTech accelerator, in which the IMA Group is one of the co-founders.

A winning innovation strategy!

  • Gold Award for digital innovation in 2019 for IMA W3W

    A service allowing the geolocation of an assistance call if the beneficiary is in an unknown location when an incident occurs.
  • Gold Award for policyholders in 2019 in the Services category for ASK Jacques

    This platform makes IMA’s services available in digital mode in addition to the assistance services currently included in insurance policies.
  • Bronze Award 2019 in the Client Relations Innovation category for IMA Direct

    A white-label website, giving users real-time tracking of the progress of their assistance request and third-party intervention.

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